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2012 Small Ruminant Production Conference Proceedings

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  • Small Ruminant Pasture Managment
    Megan Brew; UF / IFAS Lake County Extension Livestock Agent
    (37 minutes)
  • Manure Management and Best Management Practices for Small Farms
    Jamie Cohen; UF/ IFAS Marion County Extension Small Farms Coordinator
    Video (33 minutes)
  • Niche Marketing and Other Marketing Alternatives
    Mark Shuffitt; UF / IFAS Marion County Livestock Extension Agent
    Video (39 minutes)
  • Legumes for Your Small Farm
    Dr. Yoana Newman; UF / IFAS Agronomy Forage Extension Research
    Video (30 minutes)
  • Small Ruminant FAMACHA Certification
    Jonael Bosques; UF / IFAS Marion County Extension Agent
    Video (64 minutes)
  • Panel Discussion: Keys to Successful Sheep and Goat Farming
    Allan Hart, Lisa Dreggors, Carole Postley
    Jonael Bosques - Moderator

    Video (32 minutes)
  • Forage for Goats: Planting for Browsing
    Joe Walter; UF / IFAS Brevard County Agriculture Extension Agent
    Video (36 minutes)