University of Florida

2015 Small Ruminant Production Conference Proceedings

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  • Fundamentals of Reproductive Anatomy
    Joe Walter; UF / IFAS Brevard County Agriculture Extension Agent
    Video (35:10 minutes)
  • Caseous Lymphadenitis in Sheep and Goats
    Dr. Amanda House ; UF/IFAS Equine Extension Specialist
    (36:14 minutes)
  • Estimating Forage Yields in the Pasture
    Mark Shuffitt; UF / IFAS Brevard County Agriculture Extension Agent
    Video (26:44 minutes)
  • Methane Production and Recovery for Small Goat and Sheep Farms
    Claudia Sanchez; UF/IFAS Soil and Water Science
    Video (10:20 minutes)
  • Sheep and Goat Dairy Opportunities
    Allan Hart; Windmill Acres Goat Dairy
    Video (7:49 minutes)
  • Stockpiling and Line Grazing
    Dr. Jose Dubeux; UF / IFAS North Florida Research & Education Center Forage Managerment
    Video (30:32 minutes)
  • Pasture Weed Management
    Mark Warren; UF / IFAS Flagler County Agriculture Extension Agent
    Video (30:26 minutes)
  • Over Seeding Cool Season Forages
    Ed Jennings; UF / IFAS Regional Livestock Agent
    Video (29:12 minutes)
  • Selenium Supplement
    Dr. Matt Hersom; UF / IFAS Animal Nutrition Specialist
    Video (31:55 minutes)
  • Weighing Sheep Without Scales and Sheep & Goat Calendar
    Carol Postley and Ruth Taber
    Video (12:23 minutes)
  • Diversifying the Goat and Sheep Farm
    Dennis Mudge; UF / IFAS Orange-Seminole County Livestock, Natural Resources, & Ag. Policy Education Extension Agent
    Video (31:20 minutes)
  • Sheep Carcass Prep Demonstration
    Dr. Chad Carr; UF/IFAS State Meat Extension Specialist
    Video (25:51 minutes)