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- Proposal 23 is Back Under CRC Consideration


Everyone agrees the “natural resources of the state are the legacy of present and future generations.” This statement is part of Proposal 23 whose consideration by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission was temporarily postponed last month. This was in large part due to the swift onslaught of grassroots actions by FNGLA and Florida’s other leading business and agriculture organizations.

Regrettably, Proposal 23 is set to be heard again this Friday by the CRC Judicial Committee!

We all should do our part to help Florida conserve and protect its natural environment. Yet, last month’s version of Proposal 23 allowed a cause of action so any person anywhere can sue any party over perceived impacts to the natural environment. This Friday, an amendment is expected which will allow only Florida residents to bring such actions.

Whether it’s anyone anywhere or just Florida residents, the prospect of turning Florida's environmental regulation into costly, free-for-all, courtroom litigation is why FNGLA and many of Florida’s other leading industry associations banded together to oppose Proposal 23. Read the joint letter submitted to the CRC. Even operating under best management practices may offer little or no legal protection if you’re the target of such a lawsuit. Proposal 23’s passage will place the fate of Florida's environment, nursery and landscape industry, forestry, agriculture, construction and other industries in the hands and courtroom theatrics of trial lawyers.

Proposal 23 is set to be heard again this FRIDAY, Jan. 12 by CRC's Judicial Committee! Please drop whatever you’re doing this very moment to email the CRC committee members below. Your message is simple: “I urge you to oppose Proposal 23 – amended or not!”

  • Chair Bill Schifino, Jr.: (850) 792-5825
  • Vice Chair Anna Marie Hernandez Gamez; (850) 320-8716
  • Commissioner Pam Bondi; (850) 414-3990
  • Commissioner Timothy Cerio; (850) 296-2920
  • Commissioner Hank Coxe; (904) 353-0211
  • Commissioner Arthenia Joyner; (813) 591-0625
  • Commissioner Tom Lee; (813) 653-7061
  • Commissioner Roberto Martinez: (305) 476-7400
  • Commissioner Carolyn Timmann: (772) 210-4398

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Tollfree: ( 800) 375-3642
Local: (407) 295-7994

Rabies Alert!

On Friday, Dec 29th, the Florida Department of Health in Brevard County received confirmation of a bat positive for rabies. The bat was located in Titusville near the Arthur Dunn Airfield.

Animal Cancer Care Clinic
1122 NE 4th Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

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